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PressUP Premium

£100 per month or £1000 per year

WordPress core, theme and plugin updates within 24 hours of becoming available

  • If any issues are encountered, your site will be rolled back to the most recent working backup until a solution can be found.

28 daily backups stored on Amazon S3

  • Your site will be backed up every day and each backup will be kept for twenty-eight days on 256bit AES encrypted cloud servers provided by Amazon Web Services.

Security hardening and monitoring

  • Site hardened against most common hacking techniques
  • Real-time monitoring for security issues with multiple scans carried out every three hours

Hacks cleaned within 24hrs

  • If your website is compromised, it will be fully cleaned and back to normal within 24 hours

Uptime monitoring

  • Your site will be checked every five minutes to ensure that it’s available to visitors.
  • If your site goes down I’ll work directly with your hosts to get it back up as soon as possible

WordPress Firewall

  • Actively protect your site against many known security issues, vastly reducing the chances of it being hacked

Staging Site

  • At the start of your subscription a copy of your site will be made so that all updates and changes can be tested before being done on your live site
  • All software updates and code changes will be tested here.
  • Content will be synchronised every month.

Annual performance analysis and enhancements

  • At the beginning of your subscription, and every twelve months from then, your site performance will be analysed and performance enhancements will be carried out.
  • Enhancements may include implementing caching, making code improvements or tweaking site configuration to make your site load faster and perform better for your users.

15% saving on hourly rates for other support issues

  • Get reduced rates for any development work you’d like done on your website