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Add Ons

These can add value to your WordPress maintenance package by either providing a tried and tested hosting platform, or reserving the time of an expert who is familiar with the inner workings of your website. Only subscribers to one of the PressUP Packages can purchase these addons.


from £10 per month

Robust and reliable UK based hosting is available and can be tailored to meet the needs of your website. Our standard offering is a share of our own Virtual Private Server, which is configured to work well with WordPress and also allows us full control over who shares your IP address – critical to protecting your site from blacklists if any site on the server is hacked.

If your site requires a specific configuration or is resource intensive, please request a quote.


Guaranteed Support

from £100 per month

Book a minimum of two hours per month of our developer’s time for any design tweaks or to add new functionality to your site. You’ll also receive priority on support issues, which will be covered by your monthly allowance.

Additional hours can be added at a rate of £50 per hour.